Bad Dreams, Cats, and Getting Even

This is the last week of school and the children, parents, and teachers are very excited! For parents, the thoughts of not having to get the children up so early in the morning, and allowing them to stay up a little bit later at night for the summer months is appealing. It was a battle to get four children up and ready for school, especially since I was not a morning person either. One trick that I have learned to help me get out of the bed is to set my alarm clock to a radio station with obnoxious disc jockeys so I will get out of bed to turn off the radio. There is nothing quite like a fake laugh to a bad joke to get a person out of bed and ready for a new day!

Years ago, one school day, I had gotten the girls up and had put the boys on alert to wake up and get ready for a new day school. I went back to my bedroom to finish getting dressed. All of the sudden I heard this awful scream coming out of the boys’ bedroom. My oldest son yelled out as though some wild animal had captured him in his bedroom, which is not entirely out of the realm of possibility. Then, he starts yelling at our cat, Maggie. Apparently my son had been having a bad dream, you know the kind when you are asleep but almost awake, and Maggie jumped on his chest and gave him a little sugar on his cheek. When he woke up to the feel of the cat’s tongue on his face, he thought the worst. When I looked down the hall to find out what was going on, Lee was wide awake and the cat was walking to me with a look of contentment on her face! Don’t tell me that cats do not have a sense of humor!

The best part of the morning came when I was about to take Lee to school and he noticed that the cat was looking out the back door not paying us any attention. He crept up behind the cat and screamed, making the cat jump straight up in the air. Then he said to the cat, “How does that feel, Maggie?” I wanted to tell my son that cats have long memories and believe very strongly in getting even.

Most of us want to “get even” when we feel wronged by man, beast, or machine. I guess we take things too personal when something happens to us that we don’t like. Have you ever thought of the way that you treat others is directly related to the way you are treated? This is not true in every case, but most times it is. Galatians 6:7 says, “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap.” In verse 10 of the same chapter it says, “So then, while we have opportunity, let us do good to all men…” We notice here that man does not fool God, He is not deceived. He knows us best because He created us. Because of this, we should not fool ourselves into thinking that we can treat others any way we want and then expect wonderful treatment in return.

The Bible also tells us that “while we have opportunity” we should do good things for others. Notice the implication that we will not always have the opportunity to do good to others. . .there may come a time when you are unable to go about and do nice things for those around you. While you can, take every chance you get to reach out in love to those you meet. When you sow kindness, one day you will reap kindness.

Remember, Don’t Give In To Sin. Think About It!

Dr. Vincent Hefner

First Baptist Church

of Cherryville