What do stats mean? Why do we use them? Which stats mean more than others? Do any mean anything or are they just numbers? Who’s the greatest, best or most talented quarterback in NFL history? What about Dallas Cowboys history?  All of those might have different answers.

What about in the music genre? When Allison Krause is 3rd all-time in grammys does that make her the 3rd greatest artist of all-time? Is Beyonce more talented than composer John Williams or any of The Beatles?

Stats can verify or help deny beliefs our eyes tell us. They also make us think sometimes our eyes are better off than what the stats mean. What does all this mean? I don’t know, but I’ve got some stats for you.

Only 7 times in Super Bowl history has a team won the Super Bowl without a Top 10 defense. This season the Eagles and Pats come into the big game with the 4th and 5th ranked scoring defenses in the league. How about thier offenses? Patriots rank 2nd and the Eagles 3rd.  What about Nick Foles and Brady?

So how did we get here and who’s going to win? I felt pretty decent about the Eagles chances before the season if they had a healthy Carson Wentz and things broke right. Here’s my prediction from the preseason column on the Eagles.

So there, the Giants collapsed, Wentz got hot, the defense played well and now they’re in the Super Bowl. Yes 19th isnt’ that great a job on my part but I was in the neighborhood on what could happen. So what did I think about the Patriots?

Pretty much nailed this one. I mean, they have no competition in the AFC. Tony Romo and Chad Pennington were both 2-4 in career playoff games and Pennington made two conference championship games. Cam Newton beat a Ryan Lindley led team. Also beat Carson Palmer when the Panthers picked him off 4 times.  How about the Seahawks game he won? Yeah they were up 14-0 before Cam ever threw a single pass because Jonathan Stewart got missing and they picked-6 Russell Wilson. Romo lost to Hasselbeck, Eli, Favre and Aaron Rodgers. Sometimes life isn’t fair. Sometimes you’re the GOAT when you beat Blake Bortles, Marcus Mariota and Nick Foles and other times you’re a goat when Dez caught it, Eli won it, and the only starting QB in playoff history that still held kicks fumbled AFTER Terry Glenn fumbled on the 2-yard line.

So let’s look at some other predictions I’ve had recently. Following is my preseason playoff predictions. I only got 2 out of the 8 teams that played in the first round with the Saints and Titans. I also got the AFC first round byes right but missed big time on the rest of the NFC.  Sometimes you get some right sometimes you don’t. On average throughout NFL history about 6 teams that make the playoffs each season miss the playoffs the following season.  What happened this season? How about EIGHT new teams made the playoffs. So yeah, my predictions weren’t too great. I got 5 of the 12 playoff teams correct before the season.

My Super Bowl champion is still alive but Carson Palmer got hurt, Aaron Rodgers got hurt, the Seahawks didn’t fix their run game, the Giants collapsed with injuries, and Jameis went Jameis. In the AFC the Raiders weren’t the Raiders, the Bengals were the Bengals and the Broncos had no offense.

So now let’s take a look at my predictions this January before the playoffs started.

Missed the Falcons upsetting the Rams which sent Atlanta to LA and the Saints to Minnesota where the Minneapolis Miracle happened totally messing up Drew Brees and my plans to celebrate another Super Bowl on Bourbon Street.  

In the AFC the Titans upset the Chiefs and the Jaguars got the Steelers but none of that mattered because Terrific Tom Brady and Bill Beli-cheat have made their now 8th Super Bowl. In their previous 5 victories, last season’s 6-point overtime win is the largest blowout by the Patriots in the Super Bowl. Expect another close game this year. Patriots 34-31.

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