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Deadline for Entry is Sundays by Noon. No Monday or Thursday Night Games Are Included.


My Picks in ALL CAPS

** FALCONS @ Patriots **

Bucs @ BILLS


TITANS @ Browns

SAINTS @ Packers


Cardinals @ RAMS


Ravens @ VIKINGS

COWBOYS @ 49ers


Bengals @ STEELERS

BRONCOS @ Chargers





Welcome back NFL fans! It’s time for our weekly power poll and pick’em. Each week I eliminate a team from Super Bowl contention and then rank the rest based on their chances of winning the Super Bowl. Follow my picks and predictions each week online at See if you can win $50 in NFL pick’em each week by entering on the website, by email or by Fax 704-435-2845. To be in the Top 12 you need to qualified for the playoffs.

Colts, Jets, Bengals, Browns & 49ers

ELIMINATED THIS WEEK: NEW YORK GIANTS (1-5) It seems like everyone on the Giants is hurt except for Eli Manning. When do they start planning on life without Eli? Bye Bye Big Blue!


26. BEARS (2-4) It’s Mitchell Trubisky time in Chi-town. The bad news is that he couldn’t beat Duke or NC State at UNC so there’s that.

25. Chargers (2-4) Many people thought Phillip Rivers and his Chargers were the weak link in the AFC West before the season but the Raiders are doing their best to help out how the Chargers look.

24. RAIDERS (2-4) Uh oh, everyone’s darling AFC pick is sliding off the scales. If you look at the official standings the Raiders are ranked 15th out of 16 in the AFC as of this print.


23. RAVENS (3-3) Joe Flacco and the passing game looks down right awful. How in the world this team has won three games I don’t know. We have no idea what team is going to show up on game days.

22. COWBOYS (2-3) How bout them Cowboys? Ugh, not too good right now. You got the defense and run game struggling and now are going to find out whether or not Dink and Dunk Dak can carry the team without Zeke. FYI Dak is 3-4 when Zeke doesn’t get 100 yards. That means he’s 12-3 when Zeke does get 100. So who’s the real MVP of this team?

21  BUCCANEERS (2-3) Famous JameIs is throwing a lot of passes to the other teams. Now he’s injured and the defense hasn’t stepped up. The Bucs might not quite be ready to make that leap we all thought.


20. REDSKINS (3-3) Hail to Kurt Cousins. It seems like Washington has lived in the 20’s since the early 90’s. The Portis years weren’t too bad though.

19. TITANS (3-3) What started as a promising year has quickly turned ugly.

18. LIONS (3-3) Never count out Matthew Stafford late in a game. That was one of the wildest games I’ve ever seen this past Sunday.

17. FALCONS (3-3) The dirty birds are going to get kicked out of the nest if they can solely the run.

16. BRONCOS (3-3) It seems Denver has quarterback issues as well. The defense will keep them competitive.

15. CARDINALS (3-3) Adrien Peterson gets 134 yards in his first game as a Card and immediately rejuvenates my fantasy football team. This is the official old man team of the year.

14. SEAHAWKS (3-2) Can’t count out a good defense.

13. TEXANS (3-3) Clemson coach, Dabo Swinney called Deshaun Watson the Michael Jordan of quarterbacks. Is Dabo right? He has a chance to learn on the job and compete for a playoff spot at the same time.


12. DOLPHINS (3-2) Jay Cutler is currently qualified in Miami for the playoffs. Words you never thought I would type for $500 Alex.

11. PACKERS (3-3) Do the next 2 teams have Tony Romo on speed dial? Both should REALLY consider calling Tony. The Pack to make a playoff run and showcase Romo for free agency or Jacksonville to finish out his career.

10. JAGUARS (3-3) Raise your hand if you had the Jaguars, Bills, Vikings and Rams in the playoffs this season? Now slap yourself if you raised it because you’re a liar my friend. Everyone is so worried about whether or not this QB or that QB can win a Super Bowl. Between Brad Johnson, Trent Dilfer and Joe Namath it goes to show you don’t have to have a gunslinger behind center to win. Defense wins championships.

9.  BILLS (3-2) Circle the wagons the Bills are for real, well at least the defense is as that side of the football is ranked #1 in scoring.

8.  RAMS (4-2) I want to rank the Rams higher but their uniform situation is both hideous and a dreadful situation. They want to switch to the all whites but the contract with the golds runs through this season. Meanwhile, the mismatched blues and yellow were worn in LA and won a Super Bowl in St. Louis. Not to mention, look by far the best but I digress.

7.  PANTHERS (4-2) Don’t worry Panthers fans, you’re team is 4-2 and you still got SuperCam the MVP. Do worry about the condition and future of Luke Kuechly. If he’s not anchoring that defense it’s going to be tough to get back to the Super Bowl. Panthers are 4th in defensive yards allowed.

6.  VIKINGS (4-2) Currently Kody Kessler is the quarterback but just this week Teddy Bridgwater’s surgeon just cleared him for practice.

5.  SAINTS (3-2) And when the Saints, come marching in, oh when the Saints come marching in, oh how I want to be in the number, oh when the Saints come marching in! For the first time since 2013, Nawlins is over .500!

4.  CHIEFS (5-1) The Chiefs have now lost 3 times to the Steelers in the calandar year. Not having Eric Reid showed in this one.  

3.  PATRIOTS (4-2) All is well in Foxborough. Brady is leading the league in yards and rating. He’s too old fodr this right? The problem is the defense is ranked 30th in points.

2.  EAGLES (5-1) Fly Eagles fly in and out of Charlotte. While taking out Kuechly, the Birds still showed their inexperienced head coach has much to learn about clock management. If Eagles have Achilles, the head coach is it on this team.

1.  STEELERS (4-2) The state of Pennsylvania is dominating the NFL. Brown and Bell have combined for the most yards by a WR/RB duo through 6 games in NFL history! Oh and the defense is #3 overall in points and #7 in yards.

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